ArcGIS (produced by ESRI) is powerful analytical mapping software for use in research projects requiring spatial and geographic analysis. Oxford Brookes University has a site licence for this software. You'll find support resources below.

ArcGIS Moodle course

Login to the ArcGIS Moodle course to download self-paced course material. You'll need to self-enrol to download the files.

If you would like to use ArcGIS in a research project or have any questions about ArcGIS, please email for more information.

Online training

Our site licence includes free access to ArcGIS online training courses. Email for more information.

YouTube videos

Watch these ArcGIS videos on YouTube selected by Alex Friend.

This video selection covers a variety of topics on ArcGIS. The videos are selected for their ability to explain the topic in question and where sound and visual quality are generally good.

Install on your Brookes PC or personal laptop

ArcGIS can be installed for Oxford Brookes staff and students without charge on personal devices as well as on University office PCs.

Log into the IT Service Desk - Request ArcGIS Pro, choose ArcGIS Pro 3.0 (do not choose ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) unless you have good reason to do so) and click the blue 'Order Now' button (upper-right area) to order the latest version of ArcGIS for free download and licensing on your personal device. Alternatively, make your request by going to the IT Service Desk on your campus.

Useful links

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