Digital Skills

Essential digital skills

Managing your browser

  • Learn about managing tab pages and browser settings.
  • Understand the concept of cloud computing and the advantages of Google Workspace.
  • Cloud computing and cyber security awareness.
  • Download Managing Your Browser or view online.

Organising your files

  • Learn how to find your files when you need them.
  • Apply naming standards, and understand the concept of folder management, backup and recovery.
  • Download Organising Your Files or view online.

AI and Big Data

  • Learn about using search engines and Google advanced settings.
  • Search online databases.
  • Explore Google Analytics, and test drive ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Some simple guides


  • Create new colours for your favourite software tools.
  • Download the Eyedropper guide or view online.

Voice Typing with Google

Stay Safe

  • Protect your computer from virus infection.
  • Download Stay Safe or view online.

IT Training provides several online classes and study guides for Google and MS Office 2019. Explore the IT Training web pages for Google Workspace and MS Office. Learn about "Google Classroom" online courses, ICDL certification, and MS Office self-study guides.

You may also wish to explore training opportunities with third parties such as Code Academy, GCFGlobal, and Bite Size Ltd. Fees may apply.

Custom workshops

IT Training provides bespoke classroom workshops upon request. These workshops are specifically designed for new students and staff, or for updating existing knowledge and skills. You can request workshop information by completing the IT Training Request Form.

Dissertation Write-Up

  • Learn how to make the best use of MS Word to write-up your dissertation including bibliographic software such as Endnote and Citavi and authoring software such as Scrivener. 
  • This is a course which provides a support service for your academic work and is open to all Brookes students and staff.
  • There are no assignments and no assessments.
  • View the Dissertation Write-Up course in Moodle.