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  • Professional mentoring schemes

  • Scheme name Who can be mentored? Who can be a mentor? When does it run?
    Brookes Connections and Ask a Question Any Brookes student Brookes alumni in a wide range of professions. Ten weeks, e-mentoring or you can just Ask a Question. Uses a portal site.
    Bacchus Mentoring Programme Students on module Professionals in the hospitality industry Six to nine months
    Barrister and Blake Morgan Mentoring Schemes Final year law students Solicitor mentors Six to nine months but it depends
    Real Estate Mentoring Scheme with OBREMS Second year students in Real Estate Alumni professionals in the property/planning industry Six to nine months but it depends
    Brookes Enterprise Support Any Brookes student, member of staff or graduate (of up to two years) Entrepreneurs, business people, and experts selected from business contacts at Enterprise Support, who have expressed an interest in mentoring Depends but about 8 months. Scheme runs October-May

    Council for Hospitality Management Education Research Mentoring Partnership

    UK and International PhD students, early career researchers and those transitioning from teaching into research UK and International colleagues involved in hospitality-related research 12-24 months

    Inside Track - Sports Science Mentoring Scheme

    Mentoring is linked to particular programme Professional in the industry Up to one year but it depends