What your mentoring journey could look like

  • Your mentoring journey

    Support for students by students

    Whether you are in your first year - looking for support from someone who is a few steps ahead in their university career - or in your final year, and keen to develop yourself by becoming a mentor, you can take advantage of one of our many different mentoring schemes.

    Pre-arrival mentoring

    Before you arrive, you can be put in contact with a current student.

    • Mentoring can happen through whichever platform suits you.
    • Brookes Engage is for students at schools local to Brookes.
    • Global Buddies is for international students.

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    Peer mentoring

    Learn from your peers and improve your subject knowledge.

    Having the support of a current student, on the same course in a higher year, can help you settle in quickly.

    • Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) schemes are a great way of getting and giving study help, especially if you feel nervous about asking your lecturers first.
    • You can be a peer mentor yourself and support other students.
    • If there isn’t a peer scheme running that’s appropriate for you, you can set one up.

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    Important questions

    • Am I achieving the goals I’ve set for myself?
    • Do I need help in deciding what I want to do in my life?
    • How can I feel good about myself?

    Participation mentoring

    Get involved in a mentoring scheme in the local community.

    Help others, become a role model and make a valuable contribution to your CV.


    Placement mentoring

    Support by a mentor in your workplace.

    Some programmes have compulsory placements others have optional work experience. A placement will help you develop your knowledge and skills and Oxford Brookes has Partnerships and Placements Managers to help you find your ideal placement.

    • Gain an understanding of potential future career pathways which you may not have previously considered.
    • Valuable network of contacts in the industry which can lead to employment within the organization.

    Read some of our mentoring stories.


    Professional/alumni mentor

    Explore career options, build networks and generate dissertation ideas.

    Be mentored by a professional already working your chosen area. Many of our professional mentors are alumni at Oxford Brookes themselves. As well as inspiring you, they can give you interview tips, career or work experience advice and networking opportunities.