Content of the National Brewing Library

  • Major sections of the library include:

    • A comprehensive collection of English language brewing books (dating from the 18th century to the present day), on raw materials (barley, malt, hops, sugar, water, etc.), beer production, fermentation technology, excise and gauging, product quality and sensory analysis.
    • Books on other British alcoholic beverages - cider, whisky, wine etc.
    • Information on ancillary and support industries - cooperage, engineering suppliers, transport, etc.
    • Company histories, anniversary publications, house journals. Histories of public houses, licensed trade, inn signs.
    • The temperance movement, alcoholism, alcohol and health.
    • Complete runs of scientific and technical journals published by The Institute of Brewing & Distilling and its predecessors and The International Brewers' Guild, plus complete runs of major UK brewing and trade journals.
    • Current UK and international brewing and trade journals.
    • Information published by The Brewers' Society and Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association.
    • Information published by the Brewery History Society

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    The collection also includes:

    • A selection of European and North American technical and trade magazines.
    • Random ephemera that contribute to understanding the social and technical history of the industry.

    The collection is a limited resource for information on financial history and licensing law.

    The National Brewing Library also holds the business archives of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling precursor organisations from around 1904 up to the 1990s.