2.4 Requirements of awards - programmes

2.4.1 Individual programmes leading to one of the awards listed above will have a programme specification which is formally approved by the University, as noted in section 2.1. This will set out the award title (which will appear on the award certificate) and any exit awards available, entry requirements, learning outcomes, the modules that make up the curriculum, and any specific award requirements.

2.4.2 Programmes which carry professional accreditation may have additional requirements in order to pass a module or gain an award. These requirements will be set out in the approved programme specification and handbook.

2.4.3 Programmes of study are designed to enable progression through the levels (if applicable) and to meet the learning outcomes for the programme as a whole. Where appropriate, they are designed to allow for entry (through a process of assessment of prior learning - see 3.7 below) and exit at different levels.

2.4.5 Students must follow an approved programme of study to be a candidate for an award, and must meet the standard required for the award to the satisfaction of the relevant examination committee (see section 2.5). Certificates for full awards completed are issued to students on completion of their studies. Research degree programmes may be proposed in any field of study, and the title of the thesis will be recorded on the award certificate, identifying the topic and discipline covered in the thesis. For taught or research degrees awarded jointly, or provided through formally approved collaborative arrangements, the name of the partner organisation or other awarding body will appear on the certificate.

2.4.6 All graduating students, including those leaving the University before completing their target award, will be issued with a certificate showing the exit award for which they have qualified (if applicable) and a transcript showing the modules taken and credit passed. This will be issued within a maximum period of two years after they cease studying with the University. Transcripts are not issued for research degree programmes; however, a letter of attendance, or a letter confirming the degree awarded, thesis title and the duration of study, is available on request.

2.4.7 In order to provide an indication of a student’s overall performance, target awards up to level 7 are usually classified, and this classification will be shown on the award certificate. Awards are classified in various ways, in line with practice across the sector, and depending on the type of qualification (see section 7.1). Exit awards are generally unclassified; and for students entering with advanced standing, through APL or APEL, there may be rules - set out in the approved programme specification - about the amount of Oxford Brookes credit that must be taken in order to qualify for a classified award. The certificate for a Master’s degree given as an exit award from the professional doctorate programmes, will show the award classification as ‘Pass’.

2.4.8 For undergraduate programmes leading to a Bachelor’s degree, a Grade Point Average (see section 7.2) will also be calculated, and will be recorded on the transcript, which is issued on completion of a programme of study. Foundation degrees and Master’s degrees, and programmes taught through partnership arrangements are not currently included in the Oxford Brookes GPA system.