Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

Nutrition courses at Oxford Brookes

  • Nutrition has profound effects on both human health and athletic performance. Our degrees allow students to examine issues related to nutrition such as the politics of food and food production, global nutrition and public health implications and improving fitness and sporting performance.

    We are home to the Oxford Brookes Centre for Nutrition and Health (OxBCNH) which was set up to research the role of foods in preventing chronic disease. This allows our researchers and PhD students to inform our undergraduate teaching and provides our students with a strong research ethos.

    We offer courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level:

    • Nutrition is an undergraduate degree focused on developing the experience and skills needed for a nutrition based career.
    • Applied Human Nutrition is a postgraduate degree that focuses on the science behind the nutritional requirements of humans from pre-conception to old age
    • Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition is a postgraduate degree designed for students who want to work with a range of people to improve their health, fitness or sporting performance.