Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


    • Analytical laboratories for biochemical assays including:
      • Blood glucose
      • Blood lipids (total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides)
      • Hormones (including insulin, progesterone, oestrogen, satiety hormones such as CCK, ghrelin and PYY)
    • Continuous blood glucose monitoring equipment including 72 hour blood glucose monitoring
    • Fully equipped laboratory for glycaemic index testing
    • Measurement of resting metabolic rate and diet induced thermogenesis using indirect calorimetry
    • Body composition using a BodPod, and bioelectrical impedance equipment
    • Methodology to analyse antioxidants in plant systems and bodily fluid
    • Advanced instruments to measure food texture and rheological properties
    • Bioavailability and bioaccessibility of polyphenols and antioxidants
    • In vitro digestibility of foods
    • Blood pressure and heart rate monitoring equipment
    • Exercise and sport testing equipment (including treadmills, ergometers, portable calorimeters, accelerometers, SenseWear®)
    • Sensory evaluation facilities for profiling and testing the quality of food products
    • Facilities for measurement of appetite and satiety