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Research Participation

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    Here, at the OxBCNH, we have a fantastic pool of participants. We understand that without the commitment of our volunteers we would not be able to conduct the research we do. We try to accommodate all our participants the best we can, in terms of days of testing, start times and testing location.

    What kind of studies do we do at the OxBCNH?

    We conduct various research studies here at OxBCNH. Our research aims to facilitate weight management, improve glycaemic control and support the health and food industries. The main type of study we do involving human participants is glycaemic testing of test foods. For information on current studies that we are conducting, check out our facebook page.

    What do I need to do?

    All our volunteers will be screened on the study procedure before we begin testing. Here we explain the study protocol in depth, allowing volunteers to ask as many questions as necessary and ensure they meet our eligibility criteria. Once we have obtained consent, we measure the participant's demographics. Prior to their test time, we ask all our participants to fast for at least 12 hours. Participants will be asked to consume the glucose drink / test product and will have regular finger prick samples at baseline and 15 to 30-minute intervals. A typical GI study lasts 2-3 hours and has four test sessions (three reference glucose and one test product). During this time, participants can work at their desks or in our study suite.

    Benefits of taking part?

    There are multiple benefits to taking part in research. By participating you are supporting important scientific research as well as helping the wider community. It is also an opportunity to see how research is practically conducted on a day to day basis and gives you an insight into lab work. As a thank you for taking part we offer all our participants a snack and an Amazon voucher after each test session.

    How do I get in touch?

    Email Ify Achebe (  Elysia Young ( or the team at