Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

Occupational Therapy Staff

  • Ms Leisle Ezekiel

    Senior lecturer
    Phone: 01865485530 | Email: | Location: Marston Road

    Sally S.A Feaver

    Programme lead/ Principal Lecturer
    Phone: 01865 485267 | Email: safeaver@brookes | Location: Marston Road Site

    Mrs Victoria V G Gilbert

    Placement Tutor / Lecturer for Occupational Therapy
    Phone: 01865 485268 | Email: | Location: Marston Road MR1/34

    Dr Margaret M Hanson

    Senior Lecturer
    Phone: 01865 485522 | Email: | Location: Oxford

    Mrs Ka Yan K Hess

    Phone: 01865 485259 | Email: | Location: Oxford

    Dr Carolyn Mason

    Head of Department Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work
    Phone: 01865483274 | Email: | Location: Gipsy Lane/Marston Road

    Dr Liana C Nagy

    Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
    Phone: 01865485282 | Email: | Location: Marston Campus

    Dr Tanya Rihtman

    Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

    Ms Kellie Tune

    Senior Lecturer (occupational therapy) & Faculty Research Ethics Officer

    Dr Farzaneh Farzaneh Yazdani

    Senior Lecturer
    Phone: +447769273738 | Email: | Location: Oxford