Requirements for PIs leading a project with external collaborators

This page is for Oxford Brookes University staff. Its purpose is to explain internal processes to staff members. It was moved into its current location on the website in Autumn 2022.

Page content is being revised to reflect the move to the new Research, Innovation and Enterprise Directorate.

If you are developing a bid, where you will be the Lead, and you will be working with partners, in order to comply with due diligence requirements of most external funders, could you please discuss the following with them: (note there is a separate process of due diligence relating to ODA countries. Please speak to your Research Manager about completing that process, if you have ODA partners)

If the bid is successful, we will require all parties to sign a contract/collaboration agreement. This agreement will need to be agreed and signed in advance of the project start date, and will include terms such as:

  • Cascading down to all parties the terms which bind us, as the Lead, to the funder. 
  • Describing how payments will be made. Usually we will pass on payment as we receive it from the funder (This is almost always in arrears, usually quarterly) and after proof of actual expenditure incurred has been received from the relevant partner
  • Using the money only for the purposes outlined in the bid and contract/collaboration agreement
  • Reporting on expenditure in a way that satisfies the requirements of the funder. 
  • Agreeing protocols for storing, managing, sharing data in a way that fulfils the requirements of the project as well as national legislation for each country involved
  • Agreeing protocols on intellectual property (who owns what, exploitation, protection) and publishing of outcomes
  • Providing information to confirm financial probity if requested (eg end of year accounts)
  • Providing information if requested that demonstrates the partner is not in breach of terms in the main agreement that binds us to the funder (this could include modern slavery statements; anti-bribery policies etc)

If in discussion with your partners any aspect of this is likely to cause them issues, please speak to your Research Manager or RIE ASAP

January 2022

Agreed at PVC and Associate Deans mtg 27-01-2022