Internal communications

Key principles for staff internal communications

  • Building engagement with the University’s values, mission and vision
  • Ensuring the University’s main goals are clearly understood
  • Reinforcing two-way communication and team working through supporting the line management
  • Providing a range of communications channels which meet staff needs
  • Delivering tools to enable managers to better share information with their teams
  • Transparent, genuine, seeking feedback.

How we can help

  • University-wide publicity of news using appropriate channels
  • Helping deliver effective staff communications plans
  • Key contacts for all internal communications
  • Auditing your communications
  • Advising on staff engagement.

Internal Communications Toolkit

Our Internal Communications Toolkit provides:

  • A guide to choosing a communications channel
  • A framework for creating a staff communications plan  
  • Completed example staff communications plan
  • Related communications tools and guidance.