New programme approval or revalidation

What is required

1. Engage with IDEAS 

Use IDEAS to structure your PDT process, ensuring each of the elements is fully integrated into your programme design.

2. Complete programme approval documentation 

Ensure that your submission documents reflect how you have used IDEAS to shape your programme.

3. Complete evaluation form 

Complete the IDEAS evaluation form to let us know how you used the model and what impact it had on your programme design.

1. Engage with IDEAS, 2. Complete programme approval documentation, 3. Complete evaluation form

The process of PDT development

The process of PDT development should be structured around detailed engagement with the question sets of the model and this should be reflected in the completion of the relevant quality enhancement documentation. The submission documentation templates provide prompts about where you should be demonstrating your engagement with IDEAS.

We also recommend that your responses to the question sets are included in student-facing documentation such as the Programme Handbook and Programme Specification.

In addition to the above, you should also complete the IDEAS Evaluation Form. This will ask you to detail how you used the model and where this is reflected in your programme design and Teaching and Learning strategy. 

Support available to you

Programme Design Sprints

OCAED can assist you in the design and development of your new programme, or a ‘re-engineering’ of an existing programme.

We offer a range of online or in-person programme design sprints (workshops), customised to your needs. These consist of hands-on, stimulating activities and are conducted in collaboration with students, the Centre for Academic Development, the Careers Service, and Academic Liaison Librarians. Our approach is tailored to the requirements of the programme approval process, ensuring that you are supported to complete the required documentation and prepared for your validation panel.

To book a Programme Design Sprint, email

Self-help resources

This toolkit provides access to a wealth of resources, case studies and activities to support you in the process of programme design and development. We recommend you visit the How to use the IDEAS model page for guidance on structuring your design process, and the Students as Partners webpage for tips on collaborating with students. The individual element pages provide more detail about each element of the model, and resources to support you in embedding it in the curriculum.

Remember, you can request support from OCAED at any time via