People and Culture strategy

Progressing the People and Culture pillar

Our organisational strategy identifies People and Culture as one of the four pillars fundamental to achieving our ambitions:

Our ambition is to create a vibrant, inclusive and supportive community distinguished by strong collaboration and communication between academic and professional practitioners, between academics from different disciplines and between academics and students. This in turn will foster a place where students, educators, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs can flourish and excel. We are committed to continuously developing and supporting diversity, inclusivity and openness to foster a trust-based culture.

Our new People and Culture strategy will provide our roadmap to achieve this ambition.

These pages outline the steps we are taking to develop the strategy and will be used to share relevant information as that work progresses - eventually culminating in the strategy itself. 

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Over the latter part of 2021 we partnered with O.C. Tanner, an external consultancy, to carry out a number of feedback and listening activities, which included a culture survey completed by more than 1,100 staff across the University.

The information and insight gained from these activities will inform the development of our People & Culture strategy

Find out more about O.C. Tanner and its work on culture on the O.C. Tanner website.

You can find out more about the O.C. Tanner work here at Oxford Brookes and the results from it by following the links below.

Oxford Brookes University People and Culture

The O.C. Tanner work is not a standalone activity. It is part of our work to develop the new People and Culture Strategy.

The creation of the strategy is a deliberately collaborative process, ensuring that people across the University have the opportunity to contribute their input to what success will look like for our people and culture and ensure the strategy effectively addresses the areas that are most important - including those raised via the O.C. Tanner work.