Delivery plans and updates

The People and Culture Strategy sets out our ambitions, but we recognise that we will only achieve them through concerted action. We have developed an operational plan to support the delivery of the strategy. Below you can find information about what we have done and what we are planning to do in the coming months.

2023 - Year 1

See our separate Google site which contains the updates and information for activity and progress prior to the current period.

October - December 2023

What we said we'd do:

  • Continue stress management risk assessment activity including further staff engagement; finalise the Wellbeing strategy and review the stress management policy and guidance.
  • Continue the PD transformation including Stakeholder engagement workshops to inform the Recruitment and Selection review. 
  • Finalise the Leadership and Management Framework including engagement with stakeholders.
  • Continue to support the move of staff from Wheatley to Headington.
  • Commence work to look at Digital capabilities alongside colleagues in Learning Resources and ITS to support the Digital Strategy.
What we did:

  • The stress management steering group is working on the next phase of the Stress Risk Assessment (see update).  The draft Wellbeing at Work strategy is being consulted on. A revised Policy for the Prevention and Management of Work-Related Stress is ready for consultation in the new year and refreshed Stress Management webpages are live.
  • Stakeholder engagement for recruitment and selection review complete.
  • A draft Leadership and Management framework is ready for a final round of engagement to finalise the ‘leadership qualities’. 
  • The People Directorate has moved to the Buckley Building.
  • People Directorate participated in the first meeting of the new Digital Capabilities working group.
  • The EdenRed discounts platform ‘myLifestyle hub’ is now live.
  • Engagement with potential providers for the all-staff survey in support of the tender process is underway.

Work also progressed on the EDI strategy

What didn’t we do?

  • Consult all staff on revised promotion and progression routes for academic staff.  This will now occur over a longer timescale following the suspension of promotion processes for 2024.

Carried forward from previous quarter:
  • Roll out of the EdenRed/staff discounts pages. 
  • Consult all staff on a draft revised set of promotion and progression routes for academic staff, including criteria and process. 
  • Tender for an external provider for an all-staff survey to find out about our employee experience and help us set targets.

2024 - Year 2

What we plan to do:

PD Transformation - Rollout of revised Recruitment and Selection Policy and processes following the review. Begin process of digitising forms not already in google.

EDI - All staff consultation on the new EDI Strategy and roll out of new template for Equality Impact Assessments.

Wellbeing/stress management - Continue stress management risk assessment activity focusing on academic workload, leadership and management and trauma support. Consultation for Policy for the Prevention and Management of Work-Related Stress and revision of related guidance. Tender process for outsourced Occupational Health provision including stakeholder consultation.

Future ways of working - Review support for move of PD to Wheatley to gain learnings to inform preparations for move of TDE and LR to Headington.

Leadership and Management - Complete engagement activities to finalise Leadership & Management Framework, embed the framework into Recruitment & Selection review, begin development of aligned L&M development programme.

Staff engagement - Continue tender process and choose provider for all-staff survey, develop question set to allow benchmarking and minimise need for other surveys. Implement new approach to Talk to VCG and review success in making them more strategic and less ‘distant’.  Work with MRE to identify a means of enabling staff to make suggestions and feed ‘up’.

Recognition - Introduce Unum (dental cover) and Tusker (Electric Car hire) accessed via the MyLifestyle Hub. 

Review non-financial means of recognition e.g. additional leave entitlement, social platform/enabling staff to say thanks to each other.

OCAED activities to increase the profile, number and esteem of Fellows. 

Job Design/Career Progression - Continue work to develop proposals for a revised process for academic promotions, noting that there will be no further promotions processes until 2025.  Sub-group of Workload Planning Committee develop detailed proposals to deliver recommendations of VCG Task and Finish Group, for consideration by the re-constituted WLP Committee.