Help and assistance

If you have a query or require help and assistance with the Staff Learning Portal, please raise a ServiceNow Staff Learning ticket highlighting your issue and select the appropriate support team.

ServiceNow Staff Learning ticket self select triage options

Support teamHelp and assistance
Staff Learning Support Team

For help and assistance relating to:

  • course bookings
  • course content
  • dietary requirements, accessibility and other specific requests
  • the reporting function

For corrections to staff data originating from PeopleXD(CoreHR):

User key details:

  • includes corrections to user name, known as/preferred name
  • E-mail
  • job title
  • job assignments
  • start date

Organisational hierarchy:

  • Faculty/Directorate
  • Department
  • Line Manager
  • Campus
IT Systems

For help and assistance with:

  • single sign-on - not able to access the Staff Learning portal?
  • automated emails - not receiving emails from
  • Google Chrome integration
  • Browser and cookie management
Digital Services

For help and assistance with:

  • Zoom connectivity linked to the Staff Learning portal
  • Digital media not playing or working correctly in the system