What is available for you now

  • Online staff courses (previously located in Moodle) in the ‘Find Learning Section’.
  • Your own essentials dashboard so you can check your completion records in the ‘Essential Learning Overview’.
  • Catalogue of courses offered by the People Directorate in the ‘Calendar of Upcoming Events’.
  • Skill Booster collection of online courses found in the ‘Find Learning’.
  • Your own CPD area to conveniently record your own continual professional/personal development (see preview guides on how to set up a record). Please note that your manager will be able to see any learning that you enter in this section.
  • An area to assist new starters joining us in the ‘New Starters Dashboard’.

We will be putting a development plan in place to review and update courses in the coming months. 

At present, those members of staff who are categorised as affiliates or casual on the HR System do not have a Staff Learning account. This is something that will be reviewed over the coming months. 

If you are a member of staff who has been here a while, there may be gaps in your essential learning log showing non-compliance. There will be a need going forward to carry out refresher training (which is under review) to address these gaps.  The focus will be on areas of higher risk and/or legislative requirements.  

We have currently set expiry dates for courses to 50 years, although this is under review and will change. 

Below is an example of the Essential Learning Log dashboard:

Essential Learning Log dashboard
Essential Learning Log dashboard