Guidance on salary overpayments

While every effort is made to ensure that all payments are accurate there may be occasions when errors are made.  

In the unfortunate situation whereby an employee has mistakenly been overpaid, the University will look to recover such overpayments.

The law permits employers to deduct an overpayment directly from your wage without your consent where the purpose is the recovery of a salary overpayment. However, we will always endeavour to act as fairly and reasonably as possible when following this legislation.

In the majority of cases payroll will notify you and adjust and recover any overpayment in the following month. However, if the overpayment is significant or has occurred over several months, payroll will contact you to discuss and agree reasonable repayment arrangements and confirm this in writing.

You should always check that your salary payments are correct and if you think there has been an error (either under or overpayment) you should contact your HR team immediately.

Should any overpayment still be outstanding when your employment ends, it will be automatically deducted from any monies owed to you at that time.