Completing the online recruitment form - guidance for managers

The following staff groups are required to complete an online recruitment form, (unless the role has been advertised externally). This form is a shortened version of the application form and is used to capture staff personal details electronically.

The Staff Request Raiser will:

  • raise and submit a Staff Request which must be authorised and have eligibility documentation attached before any work is carried out.
  • attach all eligibility documentation for the staff they are employing to the Staff Request and enter the name of the employee(s) in the Additional Information field and also the module number(s) in the same field if appropriate.
  • tell the employee the vacancy ID and the staff request number and ask them to complete the Recruitment Form. (Here is a template email staff requesters can use for this purpose if they choose.) This template will be updated over time so ensure that you regularly review your own template with this one in case information changes (periodically it may be necessary to change the Vacancy ID for example).
  • the Staff Request number will be generated as soon as the staff request raiser clicks on the Save button at the end of the Staff Request screens so if the staff request raiser is not ready to submit the Staff Request, provided the mandatory fields have been completed, by clicking on the Save button the Staff Request will generate the Staff Request number.
  • only submit a Staff Request for employees you have already agreed to employ and for whom you have eligibility documents. You can submit one staff request for multiple contracts eg, five student ambassadors, as long as you have eligibility documents for all of them. Also make sure that the number entered in the Positions Required field matches the number of names entered in the Additional Information field and matches the number of eligibility documents you have attached.

The Employee being recruited will need to:

  • provide the staff request raiser with evidence of their eligibility to work within 48 hours of being offered employment and before any employment is carried out.
  • provide their personal details via the online recruitment form within 48 hours of being offered employment and before any employment is carried out.
  • enter the staff request number into the appropriate field on the online recruitment form and the name of the person recruiting them.

The Line Manager (or Staff Request Raiser) will need to:

  • ensure that the employee knows how to obtain a password for People XD and know how to login. The employee is required to provide their bank details via People XD in order to be paid and view payslips and their P60. The employee's contract will be sent to the employee via their staff email account so logging into the staff email account is essential.