Casual contracts are typically issued to cover a short-term gap in resources, eg. to cover peaks in workload or seasonal demands, a specific short-term project, or to provide short-term cover for a vacancy.

A casual staffing contract is appropriate for one-off, short-duration work lasting no more than 12 weeks.

Casual staff would not normally be issued another contract of this type within a 12 month period but where this is exceptionally agreed, there must have been a gap of no less than six weeks between contracts. Casuals are paid on the last working day of every month via payroll, and payments are subject to PAYE tax and NI deductions if appropriate.

Note: PhD students are not able to work more than 20 hours per week whilst studying in accordance with University regulations.

Student Visa holder

Please see the immigration guidance pages for full information.

In general, a Student Visa Holder student studying a degree-level programme (or one on a Study Abroad Programme) is permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during term-time and full-time during vacation periods.

Managers are responsible for ensuring that Student Visa Holder students do not work over these hours, bearing in mind that a student may have more than one contract and work for two different Faculties or Directorates or work outside the University. HR actively monitor that these restrictions are adhered to.

Job description

A job description (JD) is required to determine the appropriate grade and rate of pay.

There are a number of generic casual JDs - please speak to the HR Recruitment team. We are working to provide this online soon.

The rate of pay is enhanced to reflect holiday pay.

How to raise a contract

Department Head/ Programme Lead
  • Write a job description if no generic JD (liaise with link HR Manager for grading)
  • Discuss and agree offer of work with individual and request proof of eligibility to work in UK if progressing
  • Raise Staff Request attaching proof of eligibility work in the UK
    See also: Guidance for managers: completing the online recruitment form
  • Provide individual with vacancy ID and staff request number and ask them to complete a recruitment form via the University vacancies pages.
HR Recruitment Team
  • Issue contract on receipt of approved staff request and full documentation
  • The contract will be emailed to individuals Brookes email account.
Line Manager
  • Induct individual, including ensuring individual is able to access Brookes systems as appropriate
  • Ensure individual as entered bank details via HR staff portal

How to make a claim