Pregnancy and maternity

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination is when you are treated unfairly because you are pregnant, breastfeeding or because you have recently given birth (in the last 26 weeks).  You must suffer a disadvantage as a result of the unfair treatment.

At Oxford Brookes University, we are proud of our well-established occupational policies and practices to support staff and their partners in pregnancy and afterwards including a generous maternity policy, flexible working policies and career breaks. We have rest rooms at each of our main campuses for nursing mothers:

Gipsy Lane CampusRoom CLCG05s 
Gipsy Lane CampusChaplaincy Quiet Room BCK.24
Marston Road CampusRoom MR1.27
Swindon (Joffe) CampusJOF.1.17 Quiet Room
Harcourt Hill CampusH1A Francis Young Building; FG12 Quiet Room
Wheatley CampusRoom C 133

The University has its own Nursery on campus for the children of university students and staff, which caters for children aged between 4 months and 5 years.