INSE5005: Academic English for Business Purposes

Module overview

This module is designed to develop academic communication skills for use on other modules across your programme and to contribute to your professional graduate attributes in the field of business. It is for second or third year students with English as an additional language who are studying business related subjects in the UK for the first time.

The module aims to improve academic communication in a business context, primarily in writing and reading skills, with some development of speaking skills. It develops language competence in academic business discourse, functions, grammar and vocabulary. 

The module helps students perform the assessment tasks required in their second or third year of undergraduate study. These include essays, critical reviews, case studies, research reports, seminar discussions and presentations.The module also introduces the language and discourse necessary for completing literature reviews and dissertations. 

Module Leader

Martha O'Curry

Please email for more information about the module.

“Every lesson was key to the assignments we undertook.”

Addition or deletion of Academic English modules

Please email or the module leader to request the addition or deletion of our Academic English modules from your programme.

The modules above are designed for students with little or no training in Academic English who are new to studying in the English university system.

They can be taken as an 8th module or an additional 9th module on your programme, with no extra charge.

“The fact that it was a small class gave me the possibility to ask about doubts, know almost everyone in the course and have more interaction with both the module leader and my classmates.”