INSE5006: Higher Academic Language Skills

Module overview

This module is a single credit, level 5 module for students who speak English as an additional language studying any field apart from business. The module is primarily designed for students who have previously had little or no previous training or experience of study in Academic English in an HE setting.

The module aims to develop Academic English language and skills. It raises awareness to the organisation and conventions of a range of core academic spoken and written genres for different audiences. This includes essays, reports, critical reviews, presentations and seminars. Critical reading and research skills are developed as well as academic language skills, including functions, grammar and vocabulary. Reflective writing and evaluation of peers and self is built into the syllabus. A further aim of the module is skills and knowledge transfer to students' field of study.

The assessment consists of a literature review, an argument essay and an individual presentation.

Module Leader

Martha O'Curry

Please email for more information about the module.

“The module helped me understand how to use academic vocabulary in my work and how to structure my essays better. ”

Addition or deletion of Academic English modules

Please email or the module leader to request the addition or deletion of our Academic English modules from your programme.

The modules above are designed for students with little or no training in Academic English who are new to studying in the English university system.

They can be taken, preferably in your first semester, as an 8th module or an additional 9th module on your programme, with no extra charge.

“Continuous positive feedback from my tutor helped me to achieve better marks on my course.”