INSE4007: Writing for Business

Module overview

This module is a single credit level 4 module for students with English as an additional language in the first year of their studies in business or business related subjects. The module is designed for students who have previously had little or no training or experience of study in Academic English.

The module develops academic language use, academic text organisation, discipline specific language, academic conventions and writing skills. This module helps students perform the academic written assessment tasks they have to undertake in their business related degrees including essays, reports and case studies. The focus is on helping students learn to structure and organise business related texts appropriately and to develop an appropriate academic style.The materials and activities are designed to increase students' ability to recognise and use vocabulary and grammar structures that are common in academic texts.

The assessment consists of two coursework tasks: a case study report and an essay.

Module Leader

Stefani Goga 

Please email for more information about the module.

“Highly recommended for all business students at Oxford Brookes University.”

Addition or deletion of Academic English modules

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The modules above are designed for students with little or no training in Academic English who are new to studying in the English university system.

They can be taken, preferably in your first semester, as an 8th module or an additional 9th module on your programme, with no extra charge.

“I really enjoyed working on both the assignments as they allowed me to express my thoughts on business fields that I'm really keen on.”