Research student representatives

Important aspects of the role of a Research Student Representative are to represent and engage with other research students. Student Representatives will attend meetings and act as a conduit between students and the University, taking forward matters and students’ views that arise from within the faculties, and those that occur centrally, and raise them where it matters within the University. They also ensure that feedback is taken back to the group of students they represent and by doing so ensure that students are kept up to date with current initiatives and developments, and feel that their views and concerns are taken seriously.

You can find out more about the role of Research Student Representatives at Oxford Brookes by downloading the Research Student Representatives role and responsibilities document. If you are interested in becoming a Research Student Representative, please contact the Research Degrees Team.

Details of the different University Committees and the Research Student Representatives on each of the Committees can be found below.

Departmental representatives

You can contact the Research Student Representative(s) for your department using the email addresses below:

Contact us

Research Degrees Team