Help make safer, more inclusive spaces for everyone in the Brookes community

At Oxford Brookes University, we believe that everyone deserves to be treated equitably and respectfully, to be heard and valued, and to access accurate information so that thoughtful choices can be made.

We know this is rarely straightforward when considering issues of consent.

This is why over the next 3-5 years staff and students across the University are designing a sexual consent education programme which will support everyone to engage with the complexities of consent. Together we are striving for a safe and respectful campus for all.

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About the project

Student participation is vital and we are keen to develop a trauma-informed staff-student dialogue which breaks down issues of mistrust. To achieve this, we are working closely with students, Brookes Union and external consultants.

In addition to the online resources, in 2021-22 we will develop a student-led podcast series exploring:

  • intersectional experiences of sexual consent
  • positions of trust between staff and students
  • toxic masculinity. 

By-stander training and designing an in-depth fresher’s week programme for September 2022 are also priorities. 

Consent for students: Online course

Understanding consent means we're all able to have more safe, ethical and enjoyable sexual experiences. 

This course supports you to:

  • understand the law as well as the gender norms, stereotypes and cultural factors which may affect someone's ability to consent 
  • communicate about consent with partners and provides advice on what to do if you or a friend experiences harassment or violence.

To access the course:

  • Click 'Start the sexual consent education' course below.
  • Log in to Moodle with your Brookes student number and password.
  • Click 'Enrol me' to access the course.

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Brook Young People, introduction to sexual consent modules

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What our students say...

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“Informative, important and eye-opening”


“Interactive, informative and knowledgeable”


Regional support

Regional Sexual Assault Referral Centres

Thames Valley SARC Bicester
Police House
Queens Avenue
OX26 2NT
Tel: 0800 970 9952

Swindon Sanctuary SARC
The Gables
Shrivenham Road
South Marston
Tel: 01793 781917

Other support

  • Victims First Specialist Service provides specialist support for victims and witnesses of crime including rape and sexual abuse.
  • Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre offers a free and confidential service to self-identifying women who are dealing with the effects of sexual violence, and to anyone who is supporting them.
  • SurvivorsUK offer a free and confidential service to anyone who identifies as male, trans, non-binary, has identified as male in the past who are dealing with effects of sexual violence, and to anyone who is supporting them.
  • Galup offer confidential and independent practical advice and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people who have experienced sexual assault, abuse or violence.

Contact us

If you have ideas for educational events and activities, or you would like to get involved in the project, please email: