Subject changes

You may wish to change your programme, also known at undergraduate level as your subject of study, if you consider your original programme to be unsuitable. It is important to think carefully about this, and perhaps discuss it with the Subject Co-ordinator of the programme you applied to do and/ or you are currently on. Always ensure that you are making the request for sound reasons.

We would also advise that you speak to the Subject Co-ordinator of the programme you are interested in before formally requesting the change.

Changing your programme is subject to the availability of places and requires approval of the Subject Co-ordinator of the new programme. They may wish to specify conditions that you will need to meet before you can formally make the change.

New students

In addition to speaking to Subject Co-ordinators, as above, you may also wish to discuss the change with your Student Support Co-ordinators or the Careers Service.

To request the change, please complete our Course Change Request form prior to the enrolment deadlines, which are:

  • full-time students - Friday of Week 2
  • part-time students - Friday of Week 3

The Admissions Office is happy to consider a request, subject to availability. Any changes made will be updated via your UCAS Hub or Application Portal. If the change is not possible, the team will be in touch via email.

If you are a student visa holder, after completing the Course Change Request form, Admissions will seek advice from the International Student Advice Team (ISAT) to confirm if the UKVI rules allow you to make the change on your current visa. If it is not possible ISAT will contact you to provide further advice.

Continuing students

Once the enrolment deadline has passed, it is not possible for new students in the first year of their course to change subject in their first semester of study. However, a request can be proposed for consideration at the January examination committee for the second semester (or in June for January enrollers).

Unless there is significant overlap between the modules you have taken so far within the modules and requirements on the new programme, you may need to extend your studies, or restart completely.

Once your programme change request has been processed, you will be given access to make amendments to your module registrations in the next module registration window. Please seek advice from your Academic Adviser or Student Support Co-ordinators if you are unsure about which modules you need to add.

You will need to withdraw and re-apply via the Admissions office if you wish to make any of the following changes:

  • If you are currently registered on a Foundation course and meet the entry requirements for an Undergraduate degree in a new subject, or would like to change from an Undergraduate degree to a Foundation degree.
  • If you wish to move from a Postgraduate award to an Undergraduate award or vice versa.
  • If you do not meet the progression requirements for the new course and need to move back to a prior stage
  • If you have completed a year or more of study on your previous subject and you need to re-start in the first year of your new subject in order to make the subject change

Undergraduate students 

Request a programme change by completing an M101 form and returning the authorised form to Programme Support ( you have queries regarding this process, please email Programme Support or your Student Support Co-ordinator.

Postgraduate students or students at a collaborative partner college

Request a programme change by completing an F101 Moodle formFor any queries, please contact Student Records and Curriculum Management.