About your offer

When you receive an offer, this will either be an unconditional or a conditional offer.

  • Unconditional offers
    An unconditional offer means that you have met the entry requirements for your course and are guaranteed a place at Oxford Brookes University.
  • Conditional offers
    A conditional offer means that you are required to meet certain conditions specified by the university before you can take up your place at Oxford Brookes.

Conditions of your offer

Most applicants will receive a conditional offer. This means that we would like to offer you a place on your chosen course, but we do not yet have sufficient information from you to confirm that place. Your offer letter will clearly state the conditions of your offer.

The conditions are typically:

  • completing an academic qualification or successfully completing your school studies or current course
  • achieving a certain level in an English language test
  • sending us further information such as copies of qualifications and references
  • paying a deposit as part of your conditions.

Once you have met any of the conditions for your course, you should send proof immediately to the Admissions Office.

When you have met all the conditions of your offer you will receive an unconditional offer and your place at Oxford Brookes University is guaranteed.

English language conditions

If English is not your first language and you have not yet taken a recognised English language test, it is likely that a condition of your offer will relate to English language.

If you have already taken an English language test, but not reached the required level, you could take our Pre-sessional English course. If you successfully complete this course you will meet our language entry requirements without needing to take another external English language test.