• The Doctoral Training Programme (DTP)

    The Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) is designed to support registered and visiting students through the PhD process and to equip them with the necessary skills to complete their research degree. All research students in the Faculty of Technology, Design and Engineering are part of the DTP, which comprises lectures, (social) events, networking and training opportunities for research students, and gives students a community of learning to support their research.

  • The DTP is organised into three strands:

    • Technology
    • Built Environment and Society (including Architecture)
    • Arts, Culture and Media

    reflecting the research strengths in the faculty. Students are usually attached to one strand but all sessions are open to all students given that research is often interdisciplinary.

    Each strand has its own programme covering theoretical and methodological issues and debates that engender advanced critical thinking and develop a full range of research skills. Regular seminars are organised to promote face-to-face discussion and to enable students to receive constructive feedback on their research ideas.

    All students share foundation classes on general research practices at the start for their programmes and are encouraged to attend social events to create a supportive network of friends and mentors. Workshops and writing retreats on topics such as writing proposals, analysing data and digital technologies are organised throughout the academic year.

    An annual conference showcases student work from across the faculty and gives students the opportunity to develop confidence in presenting and disseminating their work. Students have the opportunity to publish their work in the conference proceedings. Opportunities to accommodate specific training needs may be arranged as a result of supervisory discussion.

    Students are registered on one of the Faulty's PhD programmes in the School of Architecture, School of Arts (includes the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies), School of the Built Environment and the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. Students are usually attached to one of the DTP strands. However all DTP sessions are open to all students given that research is often interdisciplinary.

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  • Recent news and activities

    Research Methods Festival

    The Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment’s Research Methods Festival took place on Friday 6th March 2020 in the Abercrombie building.

    This year’s Research Student conference in TDE took a different direction from the usual format to focus on celebrating and sharing research methods and methodologies. At the request of students it was also open to non-student researchers as a way of linking students to ongoing research and applied methods. Presentations took the form of papers, performances and posters and the day sought, as Dr Tim Jones said, to remind us of the ‘joy of doing research’.

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    Research Methods Festival

    Conference Proceedings 2019 Published

    The proceedings from the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment 2019 Research Student Conference have been published.

    In the introduction to the conference proceedings, Dr Sue Brownill (Chair of the Doctoral Training Programme) noted that "the contributions highlight the excellent and varied research being carried out by our students across a range of disciplines including - Architecture, Arts, Built Environment, Computing and Engineering."

    The conference and proceedings were organised by a group of research students and launched at the DTP Social Lunch on 8 October 2019.

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    Research Student Conference

    16 May 2019

    PhD students presented their research, displayed posters and gave performances. The event included participants from the School of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics, School of Arts, School of Architecture and School of Built Environment.

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    Research Student Conference

    The DTP goes to Modern Art Oxford

    On Wednesday 6 February 2019 students went to see the ‘Fantastic Cities’ Exhibition at Modern Art Oxford. The exhibition uses film, video and other methods to portray urban differences, utopias and experiences. The visit sparked a lively debate about the use of different methods to capture urban life over tea and cakes.

    The DTP goes to Modern Art Oxford

    Conference Proceedings Published

    Papers from last year’s research Student Conference have now been published and can be accessed here.

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    Conferences Proceedings Published

    Introduction to Urban Sketching Workshop: Ink and Watercolour

    Wednesday 27 June 2018, 9.00am
    AB101B, Abercrombie Building, Headington Campus

    Have you always wanted to draw a sketch? Discover how easy is to capture your favorite urban or landscape scenery by joining Isabel Zozaya’s session about urban sketching.

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    Introduction to Urban Sketching Workshop: Ink and Watercolour

    Participative Methodologies Workshop

    Wednesday 20 June 2018, 13.00
    C216, Clerici Building, Headington Campus

    This workshop introduced researchers to the toolset of participative methodologies developed by Tesserae. Tesserae is a platform to connect critical multidisciplinary research, education, art, communication and project development in the urban, territorial and social fields.

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    Participative Methodologies Workshop

    Research Student Conference 2018

    Thursday 17 May 2018, 10.00am
    JHB205 - JHB208, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus

    The conference was part of the Faculty’s Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) and was organised by students in engineering, computing and architecture (Edward Hopkins, Mireya Munoz Balbontin and Serkan Gunay), a former arts research student (Aya Kasai) as well as the DTP Chair (Dr Sue Brownill) and the Research Administrator (Allison Stevens).

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    Participative Methodologies Workshop

    NEWS: Updated Moodle Site

    Powerpoints and other material from the DTP sessions are on Moodle, the University’s virtual learning platform. The site is being constantly added to to build up a one-stop-shop for research students. All students have access, so don’t forget to log on regularly.

    Virtual gateway for students

    Doing qualitative research

    Wednesday 13 February, 1.30–4pm
    CLC 2.11, Clerici Building, Heading Campus

    Staff voices

    Visiting students

    Stine Nielsen

    School of Architecture
    Visiting from: Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark
    Duration of research visit: 7 September - 7 November 2020
    Research project: Architectural Sustainability as a Cultural Practice
    Supervised by: Prof Marcel Vellinga

    Urška Bračko

    School of Arts, Publishing
    3 April 2019 - 31 May 2019
    Supervisor: Dr Angus Phillips

    Merham Keleg

    School of the Built Environment
    Visiting from: Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
    Duration of research visit: February 2018 - February 2020
    Research project: Place making as an approach for attaining multifunctional green infrastructure in the greater Cairo region
    Supervised by: Prof. Georgia Butina Watson

    Merham Keleg

    Verena Jung

    School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
    Research project: Real-time energy optimisation for an electric motorsport vehicle
    Duration of research visit: August - September 2019
    Supervisor: Professor Denise Morrey

    Maria Burgos

    School of Architecture
    Visiting from: San Pablo C.E.U. University, Spain
    Duration of research visit: September - November 2019
    Supervisor: Dr Marcel Vellinga

    Dalila Ghodbane

    School of Architecture
    Visiting from: Mendrisio Academy of Architecture, University of Italian Switzerland
    Research project: Thermal knowledge in and around domestic architecture in Cairo
    Duration of research visit: November 2019 - June 2020
    Supervisor: Dr Marcel Vellinga

    Beste Ozyurt

    School of the Built Environment
    Research project: Risk information systems and data mining for better risk-informed decisions in construction companies
    Duration of research visit: September 2019 - May 2020
    Supervisor: Professor Joe Tah

    Beste Ozyurt

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