• Can usually be omitted without affecting the meaning:
    toilets (not toilet facilities)
    refreshments (not refreshment facilities)
    car park (not car parking facilities)
    libraries (not library facilities)


See also Asterisks (web only).

Print only

  • An asterisk (small star) can be used to act as a cue to an additional note on the text. Insert at the end of sentence before the full stop.
    The course shares modules with three other courses: Human Resource Management, International Business Management, and Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship*. If you wish you can switch between these degrees…
    * To switch to this degree you need to have completed The Entrepreneur module.
  • If more than one note is needed, use numbering instead.
  • Avoid using footnotes on web pages, they’re designed for reference in print and can be confusing when used on a page. If the information in the footnotes is important, include it in the body text. If it’s not, leave it out.

foreign language terms

  • These should be in italics unless they have been anglicised and become adopted into everyday language, eg pro bono and zeitgeist but cafe and bistro.
  • Don’t use accents on common anglicised foreign words, eg cafe and cliche.
  • If you need to add an accent, the quickest way is to copy and paste from a list of accents for the Mac keyboard, or this for PC users.

Web only

  • Avoid special characters in titles on web pages (as titles in our content management system are used to form part of the URL and will cause the URL to break).

forms of address

See Terms of address

foundation degree - Fd(A) or Fd(Sc)

  • ‘A’ and ‘Sc’  in brackets


  • Include hyphen