• BA (Hons), BSc (Hons)
  • 2.1, 2.2, first-class honours (lower case ‘h’ if used within a general sentence)
  • MSc, MA, master’s (lower case ‘m’ and an apostrophe as standard as this is the accepted convention in Higher Education)
  • postgraduate (1 word)
  • PGDip (no spacing)


  • Use double quotation marks for quotations. Use single quote marks for a quote within a quote.
  • If whole sentence is a quote, insert the full stop inside the final quote marks, eg “The careers service was indispensable and gave me lots of pointers on interview techniques.”
  • If the quote falls at the beginning of the sentence, conclude the quote with a comma (or a question mark/exclamation mark) inside the quotation marks, eg “I’m delighted that student numbers are up this year,” she stated.
  • If the quote is the second part of the sentence, the full stop is outside the final quote, eg The lecturer agreed, “There are excellent learning facilities”.
  • When quoting material from a report, survey etc, use single quotation marks: The majority of students visiting our careers service rated staff as ‘very welcoming’ or ‘extremely welcoming’.