Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education)

  • First letter only capital.

Open Day

  • Use initial capital letters when referring to Open Days run by Oxford Brookes. This is also the case for Applicant Day.

OxINMAHR (Oxford Institute for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Research)

  • All except ‘x’ in capitals.

Oxford Brookes University

External audiences (including prospective students)

  • Oxford Brookes University in full first time, then the University or Oxford Brookes (do not shorten to just ‘Brookes’ unless it’s part of a student/graduate quote).
  • External audiences - use Oxford Brookes International (not OBU or OBI).

Internal audiences (including current students)

  • Use ‘Brookes’ as well ‘Oxford Brookes’ or ‘the University’.

All audiences

  • University with a capital ‘U’ when talking about specifically about Oxford Brookes, eg At this University we have a strong reputation for our international outlook.
  • Lower case ‘u' when talking generally, eg Your university application needs to include a personal statement.