• All caps
  • GCSEs - with lower case ‘s’

gender bias

  • Use gender neutral language wherever possible, eg use graduate instead of alumna/alumnus, especially for recruitment and current student materials.
  • Use they or them, which can be singular or plural, to refer to people whose preferred gender identity is not known.
  • When referring to occupations use gender neutral terms, eg flight attendant rather than ‘steward/stewardess’, police officer rather than ‘policeman’ or ‘policewoman’. Other examples include actor, chair and spokesperson. And when using pronouns, use they, them and their, eg instead of ‘A nurse is trained to understand her patients’ emotions as well as physical symptoms’, change to Nurses are trained to understand their patients’ emotions as well as physical symptoms.
  • When writing speeches, avoid ‘ladies and gentlemen’, and use Welcome everyone or Welcome graduates and guests instead.
  • See the Transgender and Gender Identity Equality Policy for further details.


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