Park & Ride

  • Park & Ride - not Park and Ride.


  • Include hyphen


  • % not per cent.
  • Always use figures with percentages, eg The survey showed that 7% of students did not agree.

phone numbers

  • No hyphens, and spacing as follows, eg +44 (0) 1865 484848.
  • Use international numbers for website and wherever publications, stationery etc could be seen by overseas.
  • No need to use ‘Tel’ before the number.
  • For internal extension numbers use x4458 (not ‘x 4458’ or ‘ext. 4458’).

place names

See Names and places

plain English

  • Lower case ‘plain’ and upper case ‘English’ unless in a title, eg the Plain English Campaign.
  • All content on Oxford Brookes’ websites should be written in plain English.
  • Gov.uk has a useful list of words you should avoid.


See Terms of address


See Courses


  • Refer to your target audience as you, even if there are lots of them (never 'some of you' which gives an impersonal tone).
  • For the University or your department, use we and our, eg We proudly support a range of sports at national level and Our many thriving team sports include...
  • Use they to cover both genders, eg When you are briefing each student, make sure they know the deadline.
  • Beware of mixing pronouns, eg When I started work you really had to watch out for any mistakes one might make.

proper names

See Capitalisation


See Apostrophes, Colons, Commas, Hyphens, Quotations, Semicolons

PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education)

  • All upper case

PGCert (postgraduate certificate)

  • Lower case ‘ert’

PGDip (postgraduate diploma)

  • Lower case ‘ip’


  • Lower case ‘h’


  • No hyphen


  • practice (noun)/practise (verb)

Pro Vice-Chancellor

  • Include hyphen