Osama Rahman

Osama Rahman has been Chief Analyst, Chief Scientific Adviser, and Director – Analysis Directorate at the Department for Education since April 2018, providing leadership to over 300 analysts and scientists. Prior to that, he was Director for Analytical Services and Chief Scientific Adviser at the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for 3 and a half years.

He joined the Civil Service in November 2003 working in the Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA), one of the MoJ’s predecessor departments, as a Grade 7 Economic Adviser working on the Reform of Regulation of Legal Services in England and Wales. He became Chief Economist and Head of Economics and Statistics Division at DCA in early 2006.

Following the creation of MoJ, Osama was initially Chief Economist and Deputy Director for Constitution, and Access to Justice Analytical Services, leading on analytical support on constitutional affairs; legal aid; and civil, family and administrative justice as well as on all economic analysis across the department. He then became Chief Economist and Deputy Director for Strategic Reform, Forecasting and Finance Analytical Services, leading on analytical support on strategic issues including strategic financial planning; workload forecasting and modelling; estates, capital, and commercial issues; and cross-CJS policy areas.

Before joining the civil service, Osama worked at the Civil Aviation Authority for a year as a Senior Economist working on airports regulation. Prior to that he was a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in Economics at various UK universities. He has a BSc in Economics with Minors in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minneosta, USA) and MA in Economics from Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois, USA).

Osama Rahman

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