Governor's Handbook

Section 2: Senior Management Team, PVC Deans & Directors

Section 3: Operation of the Board of Governors

3.1 Education Reform Act 1988 - S124 - Defines powers of the corporation (the Board of Governors)

3.2 Instrument of Government - Defines the composition of the Board of Governors

3.3 Rules for Appointment and Removal of Governors - Defines procedures for the appointment and removal of Governors

3.4 Articles of Government - Defines the responsibilities of the Board of Governors, the Principal (the Vice-Chancellor) and the Academic Board and includes provisions on staff, student and financial matters.

3.5 Board of Governors Standing Orders

Section 5: Register of Governor's Interests

Section 6: Financial Matters

6.1 Memorandum of Assurance and Accountability between HEFCE and Institutions - Prescribes the conditions of receiving grants from the Funding Council, including the obligations of the Board. Incorporates the Audit Committee Code of Practice.

Section 7: Student Matters

7.1 Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech including Guidance on Visiting Speakers

7.2 Education Act 1994 - S22 - Defines responsibilities of the Board to secure the fair and democratic operation of the Brookes Union.

7.3 Brookes Union Code of Practice