School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

  • Research

    The School has an excellent reputation for research and knowledge exchange, containing a number of active groups with well-established industry links.

    Computing offers the following research degrees: MPhil, MPhil transferring to PhD,  PhD direct (only for students who have recently completed a master’s or MPhil degree in an area closely related to the proposed research topic) and a PhD by published work (only for students who have prior association with Oxford Brookes University). These degrees are also available within the School of Engineering, as well as an MSc by research.

    Completing a research degree with us means that you will have regular interaction with internationally recognised industrial researchers. You will immerse yourself in a dynamic research environment and find various opportunities to contribute to wider research, teaching and funding proposals. 



    The School aims to help individuals realise their full potential by developing their capacity to identify potential solutions across disciplines/ professions and overcome the challenges of rapidly changing environments. Our research degree programmes build on the research expertise within the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment.