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Providing UK organisations with energy, water, and waste reduction support

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EiE (the Environmental Information Exchange) is a professional non-profit environmental consultancy with over 20 years of experience.

We provide UK organisations with energy, water, and waste reduction support. This means considering practical options, understanding costs and savings, and appreciating the requirements to implement effective solutions. We have worked with hundreds of clients of different sizes and needs from a range of sectors.Where possible, we work in strategic partnerships to deliver projects that help speed the transition to a zero carbon world.

One key strength is EiE’s project management approach that helps ensure our work has well defined aims and objectives to achieve desired outcomes. We have an extensive record of completing projects on time and to budget.

EiE was created in 1998 by Dr Anne Miller and Patsy Wood at Oxford Brookes University to help organisations who wanted to reduce their environmental impacts but had limited resources to do so. Patsy Wood left a legacy through the Patsy Wood Trust to help realise sustainability. EiE has been the recipient of financial support from the Trust and others to continue to help organisations react to the threats from climate change.

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