Estates and Campus Services Request Form

  • Estates & Campus Services Request Form

    We are introducing an Estates and Campus Services request process to enable ECS to provide a high quality and appropriate service across the estate. The process will relate to any requests for space, minor development and improvement works as well as furniture and signage requests. This will assist to ensure:

    This request system is applicable to Directorates and Faculties for all minor development or improvement works requirements that are not considered to be repair or maintenance work. It covers all campuses and halls and includes for any works to buildings, facilities and/or grounds.

    Our service desk can advise on what works would be considered to fall under the ECSR process

    The ECSR process will assist to ensure:

    • All requirements are in line with the University’s estate strategy
    • All works are carried out to agreed standards and specifications.
    • All activities are suitably controlled and resourced.
    • All health and safety risks, controls and procedures are considered and where applicable implemented.
    • Any planning and legislative requirements are met.
    • Co-ordination of works in areas/sites to minimise disruption and space down-time and maximise centralisation of resource.
    • Compatibility of any proposed services and systems with existing ones.
    • Adherence to the University’s environmental and sustainability policy and procedures

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