IT Services - the ITIL way

Working towards professional service excellence

At Oxford Brookes, our IT Services team have adopted the industry standard ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework as the set of best practices upon which we base our IT services and support systems. In this short overview of the ITIL framework we aim to:

  • describe what ITIL is,
  • explain why we have adopted it,
  • outline what it means for the University community.

“Every member of IT Services staff is trained to at least ITIL foundation level to ensure a common purpose in the directorate. The foundations of ITIL come from 25+ years of UK Government research into best practice in IT from all sectors. With the exponential growth in IT devices, people and processes that rely on IT services at Oxford Brookes, ITIL is an ideal way to manage service development, delivery and support.”

Gareth Brown, Head of Customer Services

So, what is ITIL?

The ITIL framework covers 5 key areas:

  • Service Strategy - high level principles for decision making.
  • Service Design - the processes and principles used in creating and revising services.
  • Service Transition - processes that ensure changes in service are implemented successfully.
  • Service Operation - the processes and functions that support the operation of live services.
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI) - the process of evaluating performance and value of our services to allow us to make improvements.

Service Operation Overview

Service Operation is the part of the framework which most affects you as a consumer of IT services. We will be looking at the following processes that fall under the Service Operation umbrella:

  • Incident Management,
  • Problem Management,
  • Request Fulfilment.

If you have had any interaction with Oxford Brookes IT Services you will hopefully recognise some of these terms already, you might even have an idea of what these processes are, but you might find it useful to know a bit more about these processes and how they relate to your experiences with IT at Oxford Brookes.

Key Concept

Single point of contact

A single point of contact does not mean you can only contact us in one way. It does mean we use a central source of customer relationship information, in our case our web portal database, that all our IT staff can refer to when dealing with customer interactions. You can contact us on-line via the web portal (self service and Chat), in person at a; Service Desk Point or by phone using 01865 48 (3311).

Using this kind of system you do not necessarily need to speak to the same person each time to get your issues resolved, as many of our IT & AV support officers are trained in multiple services. Our database (ServiceNow) is the Gartner international market leader for IT Service Management (ITSM).