Windows 11, the software portal AppsAnywhere and Office 2019 and 2021

All student and teaching Windows PCs across Oxford Brookes use a Windows 11 operating system, including teaching rooms and lab spaces.

University software can be accessed using the application portal called AppsAnywhere. It lets you search and save your favourites from 100's of applications. Look for the AppsAnywhere logo on the start menu, desktop or open up Chrome.

AppsAnywhere is also available on or off campus from personal computers by logging into the AppsAnywhere portal, using your network login and password. Once logged in you will be able to launch many popular applications from your own computer, wherever you are.

All PCs have Microsoft Office 2019 or 2021 installed.

If you would like support with either the new operating system or Office 365, please contact the IT Service desk.

Look for the AppsAnywhere icon

AppsAnywhere icon

To log out - double click the red cross icon on the desktop...

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