Lucidchart is a program for creating charts and diagrams that all staff and students at the University can use. 

Any charts that you create will be stored in your Brookes Google Drive account and can be shared with other collaborators, in the same way as any other Google Document.  

The simple drag and drop interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible and Lucidchart’s built-in formatting tools arrange your charts and diagrams automatically.

Creating a new diagram from Google Drive

  1. From Drive: click New > More > Lucidchart and a new document will be opened in the Lucidchart editor.
  2. Rename file (will be reflected in your Lucidchart Documents area and in Drive).
  3. Then start drawing.

Your file is continually saving to Lucidchart and automatically syncing with your Drive account, so it will be accessible through both your Lucidchart and Drive documents area.

And if you have been using Visio, you can import and edit any existing Visio files you may have, using Lucidchart.

Find out more by visiting or watching the short videos below.