How to use the University phone directory

This is an internal telephone directory for Oxford Brookes University staff, that includes business contact details. If your name doesn't appear in this directory, please contact the IT Service Desk. Or email:

If you notice any data errors in relation to your entry you should request changes using this form.

Data contained within this directory is compliant with the rules of the Data Protection Act, for internal use only. Telephone numbers and email addresses displayed in this directory, must not be divulged to any non-member of university staff. Any breach of the Data Protection Act is a disciplinary offence under the rules of Oxford Brookes University. The data displayed by this directory is constantly being updated.

Your direct dial number

Extension numbers consist of four digits in the range 2500 to 5999 and 8000 to 8999. To dial an extension number from outside of the University add 48 in front of the extension number. This is the DDI (Direct Dial In) number eg extension 3003 becomes 01865 483003

Please inform all outside callers of your DDI number.

For more information or dedicated telephone training - please visit the IT Training website.

Useful contact numbers

IT Service Desk

Emergency Numbers

222 is the emergency number for all sites and will connect the caller to the University's telephonists.

Dial 112 or 999 for emergency services: Fire, Police, Ambulance.

If a problem occurs while the University is closed call 8600.