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  • ArcGIS

    ArcGIS (produced by ESRI) is powerful analytical mapping software for use in research projects requiring spatial and geographic analysis. Hands-on classroom courses are suitable for users of versions 10.2, 10.3. 10.4

  • For staff and postgraduate students.

    Half-day hands-on. Covers a selection of the following topics depending on attenders' requirements: detecting patterns: conceptual issues in GIS, basic map-making features, understanding how to display and manipulate map data, exploring an hypothesis by visual comparison, adding map accessories and producing finished map output. Check Eventbrite for upcoming courses

    For staff and postgraduate students.

    Half-day hands-on. Covers: detecting patterns in data, querying and selecting data by attributes and location, geoprocessing using spatial tools from the ArcToolbox, importing and displaying your own XY point data, creating and editing your own layer data, testing an hypothesis by using spatial analysis, issues around Geographic and Projected Coordinate Systems, data management, data acquisition, sharing maps, other ArcGIS platforms. In part of the session you may work on your own data. Apply to attend

    Our site licence includes free access to ArcGIS online training courses.

    Email Alex Friend for more information.

    Videos on ArcGIS selected by Alex Friend.

    This video selection covers a variety of topics on ArcGIS and is not meant to be exhaustive. The videos are selected for their ability to explain the topic in question and where sound and visual quality are generally good.

    ArcGIS can be installed for Brookes staff and post-graduate students without charge on personal as well as Brookes office PCs.
    Log in to service.brookes.ac.uk/brookes and submit an 'incident' requesting the latest version of ArcGIS, all licensed extensions and the accompanying Productivity Suite used for converting data.
    Or, make your request by going to the IT Service Desk on your campus, or phone 01865 483611 for more information.