• NVivo
  • NVivo

    NVivo is a powerful qualitative data analysis tool and is used across faculties and directorates by staff and student researchers. 

  • For staff and postgraduate students.

    Half-day hands-on. Covers: setting up your project, importing your data, coding techniques, initial analysis using queries, creating memos, literature reviews. Check Eventbrite for upcoming courses

    For staff and postgraduate students.

    Half-day hands-on. Covers: importing data including graphics, audio, video, social media, Endnote libraries; when and how to classify data; when to use automated coding; manual coding of multimedia sources; advanced data analysis; visualisations; project management. Check Eventbrite for upcoming classes


    Videos on NVivo selected by Alex Friend.

    This video selection covers a variety of topics on NVivo and is not meant to be exhaustive. The videos are selected for their ability to explain the topic in question and where sound and visual quality are generally good.

    Project-specific support is available to staff and post-graduates who have taken at least NVivo part 1 course or have basic familiarity with NVivo. Please email Alex Friend if you are interested.
    Brookes has a site license for NVivo. It can be installed on staff or students' Brookes or personal computers without charge.
    Go to service.brookes.ac.uk/brookes and type NVivo in the Knowledgebase text box.
    Or, go to the IT Service Desk on your campus, or phone 01865 483611 for more information.