• SPSS

    SPSS (produced by IBM) is a statistical package designed to present and analyse quantitative data. Hands on classroom courses are suitable for users of version 22, 23 and 24.

  • For staff and postgraduate students.

    Half-day hands-on. Covers: conceptual overview. creating a data file and setting up your variables, manipulating data, generating new variables, descriptive statistics, producing reports, simple frequency tables, cross tabulations and charts; introduction to probability, normal distribution and correlation. Check upcoming courses in Eventbrite

    For staff and postgraduate students.This is a new course starting in October 2017.

    Half-day hands-on. Covers: using descriptive statistics features to understand your data in table and chart form and to produce tables and charts that effectively convey your message to your audience. We will have a look at powerful features that allow you to slice through the data in different ways to reveal patterns that can help answer your research questions. Statistical analysis including correlation, regression and tests of nominal variable association. You need to take SPSS Part 1 before you can take this course (unless you already have a knowledge of basic SPSS functions).
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    For staff and postgraduate students. (This course was formerly called SPSS Part 2.)

    Half-day hands-on. Covers statistical analysis including statistical inference from sample to population, the null hypothesis, statistical significance and confidence intervals, Central Limit Theorem,  test assumptions, when to use parametric and non-parametric tests using sample case studies.
    The course aim is to provide a conceptual understanding of statistical inference and provide a grounding in the use of statistical analysis to answer research questions. You should take SPSS Part 1 (compulsory) and Part 2 (recommended) before you take this course, unless you already have a sound knowledge of basic SPSS functions, including producing and editing tables and charts. Check upcoming courses in Eventbrite

    Videos on SPSS selected by Alex Friend.

    This video selection covers a variety of topics on SPSS and is not meant to be exhaustive. The videos are selected for their ability to explain the topic in question and where sound and visual quality are generally good.

    Project-specific support is available to staff and post-graduates who have a basic familiarity with SPSS. Please email Alex Friend if you are interested.
    Brookes has a site license for SPSS statistical analysis software and it can be installed without charge on personal as well as Brookes office PCs.
    Go to service.brookes.ac.uk/brookes and type SPSS in the Knowledgebase text box.
    Or, go to the IT Service Desk on your campus, or phone 01865 483611 for more information.