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The Library is here to support your research, the communication of your research findings, and the development of your research profile through a variety of specialist help, resources and services. The Scholarly Communications team can help you share, disseminate, and publishing your research findings so that they are available to local or global academic and public communities.

There are two main teams that support researchers:

Academic Liaison Librarians

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Scholarly Communications Team

We are based in Learning Resources / the Library and we are:

  • Dan Croft: Scholarly Communications Team Leader
  • Joseph Ripp: Research Outputs Manager
  • Susan Wilkin: Library Assistant (Scholarly Communications)
  • Hazel King: Library Assistant (Scholarly Communications)

What do we do?

Our main role is to support staff and student researchers at Oxford Brookes with sharing, disseminating, and publishing their research findings so that they are available to local or global academic and public communities. This overall aim involves us in a number of areas of interest such as Open Access, research data management, research impact, research assessment, REF 2021, digitisation of archives, copyright and intellectual property.

What tools do we use?

The main tool we use to disseminate research findings is RADAR (Research Archive and Digital Asset Repository) which is the institutional repository of Oxford Brookes.

In a more limited way we also work with Converis (also called the CRIS, or Current Research Information System) which we use to communicate with Oxford Brookes researchers to make sure that we have all the information we need to support those researchers to meet the REF 2021 Open Access requirements.

Converis is how researchers tell Oxford Brookes what research activity they are taking part in, while RADAR is how Oxford Brookes publicly shares that research with researchers from other institutions and the general public.

Converis also feeds information to your Oxford Brookes web profile and can be used to produce a CV for your Personal Research Plan meeting, so please put the bibliographic details of all your publications onto the CRIS that you would like to appear on your web profile.

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