Directorate of Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement

The Directorate of Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement provides comprehensive and coherent support for the Vice-Chancellor's Group. It is led by Suzy Jenner, Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement

The Directorate leads, coordinates and provides services for academic schools and other directorates on:

  • marketing,
  • communications,
  • development,
  • alumni relations,
  • student recruitment ,
  • stakeholder engagement, including community engagement.

Drawing on the professional expertise within its specialist teams, the Directorate seeks to advance the profile, reputation, prospects and strategic development of Oxford Brookes University and to support its effective delivery of major projects.

Communications team

The Communications team provides leadership and advice to the University on both internal and external communications.

This includes:

  • building the profile and reputation of the University through the news media
  • communicating with our students, staff and alumni
  • organising key events for the University’s diverse stakeholders
  • engaging our local communities and external stakeholders, and dealing with community complaints.

The Communications team is led by Jessie-May Brown, Head of Communications.

Oxford Brookes Global

Oxford Brookes Global's mission is a commitment to furthering internationalisation within the University, in line with University strategy.

The team:

  • contributes to the internationalisation of the student experience,
  • undertakes market research and analysis to inform strategy,
  • delivers a number of internationally focused marketing activities as part of the overall international student recruitment programme,
  • advises on and supports the development and maintenance of international partnership arrangements, linked to study abroad opportunities, course delivery, progression routes, and research.

UK Recruitment and Partnerships

UK Recruitment and Partnerships is made up of 5 distinct teams that contribute to the recruitment of a diverse UK student body across Oxford Brookes’ portfolio.

Access and Outreach

The Access and Outreach team works with schools, colleges, teachers and individual learners to support widening access to higher education and to Oxford Brookes in particular. The team deliver a progressive programme of activity with partner schools and colleges, as well as targeted sustained outreach projects. Visit the Oxford Brookes Outreach Hub to find out more.


The University's Admissions Office leads the delivery of a fair and transparent admissions process designed to support equitable access for those students with the potential to succeed at Oxford Brookes. The Admissions Operations team assesses applications from both UK and international applicants, for all undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes. The Applicant Engagement team supports our applicants to progress through the admissions process, providing information, advice and guidance from enquiry to enrolment.

Study Higher

Oxford Brookes is the lead provider and home of Study Higher - a collaborative partnership of universities, further education colleges and other stakeholders. Study Higher is funded by the Office for Students as part of the national UniConnect programme, and works with schools, colleges, community groups and other organisations across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Swindon. The project works to reduce the gap in higher education participation between the most and least represented groups, and to ensure that students’ access to higher education is not limited by their background, location or characteristics. To find out more, visit the Study Higher website.

UK Partnerships & Apprenticeships

We work with a range of organisations to deliver alternative routes through to an Oxford Brookes degree. This includes foundation degrees with a focus on work-based learning, full bachelor degrees linked to local graduate employment, and higher and degree apprenticeships that allow you to combine paid work with learning at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The UK Partnerships and Apprenticeships team works closely with colleagues across the University to manage our relationships with partners, support the onboarding of new students and apprentices, and ensure that our provision meets our internal and external expectations for quality and student experience.

Follow the links to find out more about our Associate College Partners and our partnership with Global Banking School, and our apprenticeships provision.

UK Recruitment

Our UK Recruitment team supports prospective students who are preparing to make their decisions about next steps in education to consider Oxford Brookes as a future study destination. The team delivers a busy programme of talks and workshops for schools and colleges, as well as attending HE and careers fairs across the country. The team also organises large-scale on campus recruitment events, including study days and our main Open Days. The team work predominantly with students in Year 12 upwards, as well as adults considering undergraduate and postgraduate study.

The UK Recruitment team also manages the University’s Student Ambassador Scheme, which employs current students to support a wide range of activity from outreach to graduations

Alumni and Development

Alumni and Development is led by Loredana Faraon. The team aims to maximise the University’s relationships with external stakeholders in order to further enhance the University’s reputation and secure sustainable financial and participative support for the University’s strategic priorities.

Our goals are:

  • to deliver a global alumni engagement programme which fosters a lifelong community of engaged and active alumni,
  • to deliver an outstanding events programme which enhances relationships with alumni and donors,
  • to build meaningful relationships with potential donors,
  • to support student recruitment,
  • to provide robust data, systems and processes, leading to data-driven decision making on stakeholder engagement.

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Alumni team

Operations team

The Operations Team, led by Loredana Faraon, provides leadership and advice on the Directorate's Financial, Human Resources and Administrative functions.

As well as providing a mix of strategic and operational support to members of the Directorate's Management Team, colleagues in the Operations Team provide leadership, advice and support to Directorate staff, and oversee University and Directorate policies and procedures to support the smooth running of the Directorate's financial, human resources, office management, health and safety and estate management systems.

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Operations team

Strategic Marketing and Digital

Our teams work in the following areas: 

  • Web
  • Global marketing and campaigns
  • Content and social media
  • Design
  • Heads of Faculty marketing
  • Marketing Operations and Delivery
  • Customer Experience Team