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    The 2014 interns (from left to right): Brittany Krier, Sophie Carruthers, Kristi Ronning Langli, Grace Hebditch, Sarah Roker, Marc Sharp, and Wolf Hounsome. Other interns who are not pictured: Dina Amawi, Emma Lennox, and Maddy Mead-Herbert.

    The Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre has announced the recruitment of its first ever cohort of Interns, with ten undergraduates at Brookes filling the roles.

    The undergraduates have been drawn from across all three years of the undergraduate degree in English, and they will work in tandem with academic staff on a variety of poetry-related events and projects across 2014. The internship scheme is designed to raise awareness of, and increase exposure to, poetry across the University campus, as well as taking poetry to off-campus venues and sites.

    The primary focus for the scheme is the organization of a range of events for National Poetry Day on Thursday 2 October, including a Poetry Slam, pop-up poetry on campus and at locations in the city centre, and poetry writing workshops. In addition, the interns will contribute to some of the Poetry Centre's on-going initiatives, such as the Oxford Brookes/Pegasus Theatre OutBurst Festival in May, and the establishment of an undergraduate poetry reading group. The internship is an important step in getting the undergraduate body more involved and invested in the Poetry Centre, and it also provides an excellent opportunity for the interns to learn valuable transferable skills.