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    The first ever group of interns in 2014 (from left to right): Brittany Krier, Sophie Carruthers, Kristi Ronning Langli, Grace Hebditch, Sarah Roker, Marc Sharp, and Wolf Hounsome. Other interns who are not pictured: Dina Amawi, Emma Lennox, and Maddy Mead-Herbert.

    The Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre runs an internship programme to encourage undergraduate students to become more involved in the Centre's wide and exciting range of activities. The first interns (pictured above) were recruited in 2014, and ran a pop-up poetry series around Oxford and on campus for National Poetry Day, a video series featuring staff and students discussing their most memorable poems, and a poetry competition about wellbeing. Subsequent interns have organised a contemporary poetry reading group, a poetry slam/open mic, started a Brookes Poetry Society, and helped to run a recent poetry symposium. The internship scheme is designed to raise awareness of, and increase exposure to, poetry across the University campus, as well as taking poetry to off-campus venues and sites.

    Although unpaid, the internship, which is usually held by a group of second year students for one year from October to October the following year, offers a valuable opportunity to develop skills related to employability, especially for students interested in the arts, marketing, publishing, or work with charitable organizations.

    Interns may assist in various different Poetry Centre ventures, such as our poetry pamphlet press, ignition press, poetry readings and events, our international poetry competition, promotion of the Centre's work via social media, and with events for National Poetry Day in October. Interns may also be invited to create and run their own projects.

    To apply, please e-mail the Director of the Poetry Centre, Dr Niall Munro (niall.munro@brookes.ac.uk), attaching a document of up to 500 words explaining why you are interested in becoming an intern. You may subsequently be invited for a short interview. The deadline for applications is Friday 12 October at 5pm.