6.12 Compensation

Compensation is the practice of awarding credit for a limited number of modules (see section 6.10) that have not been passed, on the basis of good overall academic performance in a single academic year at a specific level. ‘Good overall academic performance’ means that the student has scored 30% or above in the module/s which are eligible for compensation, and has passed all their other modules at that level.

A student will only be awarded a compensated pass grade for a module once they have completed a first attempt and a re-sit; and a compensated pass is only awarded at the completion of the level of study at which it is to be applied. If a module is eligible for a compensated pass at this point, then it may not be re-taken. Compensation may apply to compulsory modules, unless this would breach PSRB accreditation requirements. A compensated pass grade is recorded on a transcript, and the actual mark achieved is used for the purposes of calculating the final degree classification and GPA.

If a student has not met the conditions under which compensation may be applied, they will need to retake all of the modules they have failed, if they wish to progress further. Students should take advice on the impact on their eligibility for funding if they need to extend the length of their programme in order to re-take failed modules. International students should seek advice on the impact this may have on their eligibility to remain in the UK, from the International Student Advice Team.

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